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    I was sitting on the veranda in my nana’s home in Cyprus where I would tend to sit on a warm summers evening with my sister. We travelled to Cyprus every year to spend our summers there throughout our childhood. Our parents would send us on a six-week holiday from London to Cyprus to stay with my nana and granddad in their village, Akova.

    Our days would be so fun playing with the children from the village and our evenings would be spent playing cards with our cousins on my nanas veranda, listening to music.
    I remember the summer breeze hitting my cheeks infused with the strong smell of my Nana’s Jasmine tree. I would always associate that Jasmine scent with her, that picture perfect moment captured sitting on the balcony would be a memory that stayed with me forever.

    I couldn’t wait to go back year after year, the Jasmine scent made me feel at home. Growing up I always associated distinctive scents with memories and if I stepped into a room the smell would instantly transport me back to a place and time that would remind me of something that gave me a sense of nostalgia.

    This year whilst I was sitting on my nana’s veranda sipping on Limonata, I wished I could bottle up the citrus scent and take it home with me. I’ve always had a passion for aromas and candles, I have brought and tested so many, but always felt that there was something missing. I realised that it wasn’t the smell that I was trying to recreate but the memories. Therefore, I decided to make my own candles, Nostaljik.

    I wanted to create scents that would transport me back to a place and time and create a sense of nostalgia that was sentimental for me and my past. All my candles represent memories associated with a period, a place and people I grew up with.

    I travelled quite frequently whilst growing up and I wanted to create a candle range that would connect with my travel experiences and reflect destinations I had been to .I would love for my customers to be able to smell one of my candles and think “this reminds me of this…”. I feel that some memories last a lifetime and are so personal that they take you back in time and evoke a special feeling in you. This is where my brand came alive…

    One day in my kitchen I made a jasmine candle which I tried and tested again and again until I finally captured the essence that brought me back to my nana’s balcony. From then on I was adamant that I would recreate a reminiscent scent for all my candles which took me back in time, and so Nostaljik candles was created….

    Author: Seniz Azizoglu