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    Reign beauty is a home-based beauty salon located in North London specialising in Russian volume eyelash extensions. Owner Yagmur started Reign Beauty back in 2017 to allow more women locally to have a luxurious treatment that they don’t need to travel miles for and is in the comfort of her own home. Salons can be extremely busy, however at Reign Beauty clients are able to pick appointments that best suit them and are a lot more relaxed in a home based salon.

    Eyelash obsessed Yagmur first began her obsession at just 16 years old with strip lashes. She later moved on to individual eyelash extensions as they were less hassle with constantly having to glue them on everyday and looked as if they were her own eyelashes. However at the time there was no such thing as Russian lashes and the only treatment they had was classic lashes. These were single thick lashes that were applied on to each natural eyelash. A very natural look, but at the time there wasn’t much choice. A year or two later, salons started offering Russian lashes and Yagmur fell in love with how glam them looked and how much lighter and softer they were to classics. Not many salons were offering Russian lashes and Yagmur would travel to South London every 3 weeks to get hers done. Early 2017 Yagmur decided to go on a eyelash course so that she could offer good quality Russian lashes to women locally. Since then Yagmur has been running her successful eyelash business for over 3 years offering bespoke eyelash extensions to all clients.

    What are Russian lashes?

    Russian eyelash extensions are ultra fine lashes that are fanned into a fan like shape and glued on to a natural lash. Russian lashes come in different thicknesses, curls and lengths. Depending on the look you want to go for lash technician Yagmur will make the fans accordingly. Russian lashes come in thickness between 0.07mm – 0.02mm the more lashes you have in the fan the finer the lashes need to be. For an example if a client would like a natural set, Yagmur would use 0.07mm and each fan would have no more than 4 lashes. For a more glamorous set the fans would have more lashes in them but Yagmur would use lighter lashes. Russian lashes are sometimes referred to as 2D, 3D, 4D lashes. This just refers to the amount of lashes in each fan. Eyelashes are isolated and each fan is glued to the base of a natural lash using minimal glue. Lashes should not hurt or be stuck together. You should be able to brush them through easily and they should look light and fluffy.

    Consultations before the treatment are vital as it is important that both Yagmur and the client to understand the treatment and the overall look. Yagmur will go through styling and what’s best suited for your eye shape and face. Styling is everything with lashes as it can open up small eyes, or if done incorrectly, make them look smaller. Russian lashes come in lengths from a tiny 4mm up to a colossal 21mm. Rest assure Yagmur will only apply certain lengths and thicknesses depending on your own natural eyelash. The aim isn’t to damage your natural lashes by applying to much weight on them. The aim is to emphasise what you have in a safe way that will suit your face and not have eyelashes that overpower your face. Sessions can take anywhere between 1.5 -2.5 hours for a new set which is a great excuse for a afternoon nap or some girl talk with Yagmur.

    Lashes also need to be infilled every 2-3 weeks depending on your lash cycle because lashes shed. Similar to getting your nails done, lashes work the same and require regular maintenance . Averagely we get a new set of lashes every 6-8 weeks however some can be faster/slower than others. Every day we lose up to 5 lashes, within 3 weeks we would have around 50% of our lashes. At an infill Yagmur will clean and remove all grown out lashes and reapply fans to the new natural lashes. To maintain and look after your lashes there are a few dos and don’ts. Sticking to these dos and don’ts will not only save you time and money but will also keep your lashes looking new and clean for longer.

    Don’t wet your lashes for the first 24 hours

    Don’t rub or pull on your lashes

    Use oil free face products

    Brush lashes daily

    Stay away from sauna and steam room

    Cleanse regularly using an oil free shampoo. Great thing with Russian lashes are that it can be adjusted to each client. Clients assume Russian lashes are going to be full, glamorous and long. However at Reign Beauty lashes are tailored to suit any client no mater how natural or glamorous they are after. For more information head over to the Instagram page @reignbeauty.x

    Author: Yagmur Engin