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    My name is Eddie el Lamaa, I am a father to 3 wonderful boys, a husband to my beautiful wife Chloe and I live in the United Kingdom. My parents immigrated from Lebanon to the UK in 1985 because of the ongoing war in Beirut.

    Watching the Beirut explosion on TV had a huge impact on me and the entire Lebanese community around the world. We felt the explosion in our hearts and could only imagine what our friends, family and the Lebanese people are going through in Lebanon. The country is living through an economical collapse, unemployment is at an all time high, hunger and poverty is rising, hundreds of thousands of people are now homeless and the country needs our help!

    On the 12th August, I made a decision to cycle from the United Kingdom to Beirut to raise money for the ‘Lebanese Red Cross – Beirut Emergency Appeal’ to help those who have been directly impacted by the explosion.

    The last time I cycled was when I was a teenager. My #rideforlebanon is approximately 2650 miles / 4300 kilometres and with your support and prayers, we can do this together, raise global awareness and help the Lebanese people that need it most.

    I will take you with me on my journey with regular updates on this page, Instagram and Facebook (Links below).

    If you can donate and share this page, please do and if you can’t then all I ask is that you pray for me and the people of Lebanon.

    God Bless!

    Instagram: @ride_for_lebanon
    Facebook: @rideforlebanon
    Press & Media:

    On August 4, an enormous explosion obliterated the port of Beirut, the capital city of Lebanon. Its reported that at least 100 people have been killed and over 4,000 people are injured. These numbers are likely to continue to rise. The devastation to the city and to the people cannot be understated. The eastern part of Beiruts port has been totally destroyed, and buildings across the city have been severely damaged. This is a scary situation. Hospitals have been heavily damaged, and they are overwhelmed with the number of people now needing medical help unable to treat everyone. Some have had to be treated in the streets and many sent to hospitals outside Beirut. The British Red Cross is working closely with the Lebanese Red Cross who have been responding to the crisis. The immediate focus is on saving lives.