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    Dr Parvinder Shergill is an award winning NHS doctor in mental health, as well as an actress-filmmaker. She has recorded with BBC, Channel 4, been an expert speaker at Parliament, and been featured with The Guardian for her work.

    Parvinder has recently involved Nostaljik Candles in her latest feature film “Daddy Blues”. This film follows the journey of a couple in their pregnancy journey, in which the father suffers symptoms of post natal depression. This story is crucial to Parvinder, as it sheds light on pregnancy from a males perspective, and is set to release later on this year.

    Parvinder is passionate about diversity in her films, with two of her films (THE LINK and PHANTOMS) having BAME casts, and “Daddy Blues” is no exception with a South Asian lead actress.  You can find Parvinder on social media handles @thesecretpsychiatrist to follow her work.