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    Tell us your story and how and why you started Nostaljik? 

    Growing up I always associated smells with memories and if I stepped into a room the smell would always transport me back to a place and time. This year, while sitting at my nana’s I wished I could bottle up the smell and take it home with me… 

    I have always had an obsession with candles and have bought and tested so many, but I forever felt something was missing. Now I know it wasn’t the scent that I was trying to recreate but the memory.

    I started my business Nostaljik as I wanted to create a scent that would transport people back to a place and time and evoke a sense of nostalgia. Growing up I travelled quite a lot and wanted to create a range that people could associate with a location and memory.

    How much did you have to put into the business to get it going?

    £4500. I used my savings and believed it was a reasonable amount to invest to get a small business up and running. I did my research to find the most competitive suppliers to get the best cost to keep my profit margin healthy. I gave myself a target and predicted that I would make the money back in three months, fortunately, I am very grateful that I managed to make it back within two.