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    At end of my  teaching career I decided to take a step into a profession I enjoy. It wasn’t an over night decision to make so I researched and wanted to build a career doing something I love. With the world moving as fast as it was, I wanted something online but I could not give up the creativity.


    To find something that accommodated all my loves was difficult but not impossible. I knew however, I needed to work for myself. Flexibility, lifestyle and fulfilment. As I was making these decisions, we hit a pandemic. The world went crazy and silent all the same breath. Everyone found themselves making decisions similar to mine and as we all sat at home, I found the coffee industry. The more I learned about how coffee was made, the more saw myself doing it.


    I have always enjoyed building and making things and as I let my new carer evolve, I let some of life take it’s own turn. I started learning about roasting, I roasted coffee at home. I started looking at business models and found a roaster I could afford.


    I loved coffee and I loved roasting. The different notes, ways of brewing and as looked into what I knew about coffee. As a Turkish- Kurdish person I already had set routines. My morning filter coffee and my afternoon Turkish brew, one western and one eastern routine. Waking up to drip coffee, enjoying it in solitude and then my afternoon Turkish brew, in conversation with those around me. What I noticed, even as one of the chattiest people I know, coffee brought conversation to many. Either with yourself or with others.


    As life come back after the first lockdown, I attended courses, went to Turkey, absorbed the industry and as my mothers laundrette become available it made no sense to look further. I could work in the space my mother worked very hard in. I let the world show me what is available and built upon what I had. I wanted a space that could encourage writing, be a community and make coffee. Coffee, community and conversation.


    I renovated and built the inside of this property to have a homely and welcoming feel, put my coffee roaster at the front and started making coffee.


    As I build a presence in the coffee industry, I shoot and put up my coffee and business journey out for all to see. I Instagram pictures of coffee and quotes that inspire me, empower me and present my ethic background.


    I want to bring creative writing, creativity and coffee together.