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    Tuscany Candle


    Top notes: tomato, lemon rind, orange
    Middle notes: leafy greens, geranium, violet
    Base notes: moss, cedar, tonka, vetiver



    Burning and Care Instructions
    The first time you light a scented candle, let it burn for two to three hours until all the wax on the surface has become liquid.

    Trim the wick regularly with the special wick trimmer (ideal length: 3-5mm).

    When extinguishing the candle, check the wick is upright and centred.

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    Capture all the luscious scents of a real life tomato plant at its most bountiful. Yes, there’s the slightly bitter hit of the skin and the sweetness of the pulpy fruit, but what’s most prominent is that fresh green lusciousness of the tomato’s stalk and vine. In fact, the best tomato candles smell more green than they do red!

    May burn up to 50 hours

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